Take the Challenge: become an Online Facilitator.

Take the Challenge: become an Online Facilitator.
05 Aug

Take the Challenge: become an Online Facilitator.

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Today's online facilitator not only needs teaching skills, but also technical skills, facilitation skills and managerial skills. Are you ready to take the step of becoming an online facilitator?

With online learning rapidly becoming the norm, rather than the exception, there are some particular skills the online facilitator needs. These include: 


  • Engaging the learner in the learning process, particularly from the beginning of training
  • Employing appropriate questioning, listening and feedback skills
  • Providing direction and support to learners at their level of expertise
  • Managing online discussion
  • The ability to build and grow online teams
  • Capacity to engage in relationship building
  • Employing motivational skills to get the best out of everyone.

It is also seen as important for trainers - in education, workplaces or the community - to have a positive attitude to online teaching and its potential and to develop the ability to be innovative and experimental (ie. take risks).

According to the Australian Flexible Training Network, e-learning facilitators need to design the right mix of online and off-line activities for their group and work out a solid system of keeping tabs of individual students' progress. The biggest challenge is often catering for different learning styles and needs.

Ultimately, the e-facilitator wants to be able to nurture those who needs nurturing for a while and then stand back and allow learners to discover the power and potential of the medium for self and group learning and not purposely or inadvertently dominate or stifle discussion.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Ready to get in on the ground floor in your workplace or community? TAFEnow can help you equip yourself with the skills to become an E-learning facilitator. The next course starts soon. Find out more about TAFEnow's e-facilitation course here. This course is only $340 and you'll work online with other students learning to become e-facilitators.

Sounds like an option to help bullet proof you for the future? Make the change.

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