Turn your love of animals into a career

Turn your love of animals into a career
05 Aug

Turn your love of animals into a career

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Animal care as a career has many possibilities for the animal enthusiast - from owning a small business in dog grooming or pet walking, to working in obedience training, animal shelters or becoming an animal foster carer.

Did you know you can also study to play a vital role in a zoo, wildlife rescue facility, national park or veterinary clinic; become a breeding specialist or train as a pet behaviourist? 


Interesting and diverse careers are opening up rapidly in this sector as Australians become more attuned to animals’ needs. With many nationally-accredited courses in this sector, you can train online and work with animals in any state of Australia. See http://tafenow.com.au/animal-studies

If you love dogs and their owners, and would enjoy the challenge of working in your own business, a dog grooming business could suit. More and more dog owners are short on time, so pay others to groom and walk their dogs on a regular basis.

This could be a mobile business, or one set up in your own home (with council approval, of course).  Do your research first, to find out where there are concentrations of pet owners with enough disposable income to pay for regular dog grooming. Link up with pet care centres, veterinarians and animal shelters to refer clients to you. You’ll be considered much more reputable if you have basic qualifications in this area.

What if you’re committed to helping animals in distress and want to gain a variety of experience quickly? The RSPCA is taking expressions of interest from people looking for full-time work as animal care attendants at http://www.rspcansw.org.au/about/careers

Many animal shelters are overcrowded from time to time and need animal foster carers, particularly for animals who don’t adapt easily to the shelter experience. Being a foster parent to these animals gives you both experience and the sense of a job well done.  There is no cost to participate and many shelters will even give you supplies like dog carriers or cat carriers, litter boxes and litter, toys and leashes. All you need to provide is the food and care. No vet bills either. https://www.rspcansw.org.au/get-involved/become-a-foster-carer

Alternatively, ask your local pound, boarding kennels, grooming parlour or veterinarian whether they’d be prepared to take you on for four hours a week of paid or volunteer work and you will be eligible to study TAFEnow’s new Certificate II in Animal Studies. For a glimpse of the animal care jobs see http://www.adzuna.com.au/search?q=animal%20care&w=Australia#

And, of course, there are more exotic jobs out there if you have a sense of adventure. Perhaps you’d like to work on a camel farm in Central Australia or work at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, see http://www.australiazoo.com.au/about-us/employment/

If horses are your passion TAFEnow’s North Coast TAFE has a large variety of equine courses available for horse owners where you can study online and attend practical training sessions, just twice a year. You can study performance horse industry practice, horse breeding or broader courses in rural operations that include horse practises. See http://northcoast.tafensw.edu.au/areas/equine/Pages/courses.aspx

With so much going on in the area of animal advocacy and responsible pet ownership – including bids to ban puppy farms, live export of sheep and cattle and caged hens – careers in the animal world are sure to flourish in the future. Make sure you’re in on the ground floor with qualifications and experience and you’ll be ready for a very satisfying career.

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