Getting a TAFE head-start while still in school

Getting a TAFE head-start while still in school
05 Aug

Getting a TAFE head-start while still in school

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Are you worried about a son or daughter or uncertain about your own future? Where will you (or they) find work when they leave school? The Federal Government has indicated that there will be very few handouts for young people in the years ahead.


Fortunately, there’s a few smart ways to get ahead of the game while still in school. Many of the TAFE options get you started for a real career and give you Certificate II qualifications. So stick to this advice - don’t leave studying for your chosen career until you’ve already left school. Get started now in a practical career and jump higher up the job queue.

TAFEnow offers TVET online – an expanding suite of online vocational training courses for Year 11 and 12 students. These form part of your NSW HSC, or final year at high school if you’re not from NSW. Many will even count towards your entrance score to university and can be done during school hours.

Interesting and fun courses like Certificate II in Animal StudiesAccounts Administration or Community Pharmacy are solid starter courses and prepare you to join the world of work, part-time or full-time. Others like learning the basics of working in a real estate agency, or learning Digital Media and Technology, specialising in streams like Game Development or Networking, can set the scene for profitable and lucrative careers in areas where jobs are growing all the time.  

Check out our TVET page for a full low-down on how TVET works and why it makes sense to get prepared early with practical studies delivered and supported by qualified online TAFE professionals who have many years of experience in the ‘real world’ of work.

Sounds too good to be true?  Here’s an action plan:

  1. Read the detail in the  2015 Online TAFE Course Guide for High School Students.
  2. If you want to know more about School-Based Apprenticeships, read this blog or take heart from Young Chef of the Year, Nick Gardner who started his training while still at school and has gone on to cook in some of Sydney's and the USA ski resorts top restaurants. Nick can now practically name his salary.
  3. And if you’re living on the North Coast of NSW check out the experiences of school-aged students like yourself in the movie on this page. The 2015 VET Course Guide for campus based courses is already out too.
  4. Still unsure?  Make an appointment with your Careers Adviser so you can assess your interests and they can explore your TVET options.

 Phone TAFEnow on 1300 823 669 for a no-obligation chat. Working out what you want to do “when you grow up” is coming up sooner than you think.

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