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Life’s too short to waste in the wrong field of study. But how can you be sure of your choices? Especially when there are so many options.

Don’t worry. TAFEnow is on it. We have a dedicated team of Future Student Advisors for just this reason.

Speak to a real person, a friend on the inside, about your study ideas and how to get started. Our Future Student Advisors are part of the TAFEnow community and just a call away. Clarify your direction, which courses best suit your interests, opportunities for work placement or the availability of subsidies. Talk about anything you are unsure of. Nothing is too out there or too hard.

There’s also no pressure. Our Future Student Advisors are happy to simply chat and point you in the right direction.

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So you really like children and you’re thinking a career working with curious and enthusiastic little learners would be both satisfying and fun. Wouldn’t it be great playing, reading stories and engaging in educational and creative experiences all day – and getting paid for it?

TAFEnow's Diploma of Library and Information Services course, continues to build its professional prestige after becoming the first to gain a ‘Gold’ accreditation for from the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA).

Watch good bar attendants and you’re sure to see some common traits. The most effective bar attendants are good listeners, socially perceptive and can quickly identify customer needs. In fact they’re always looking at extra ways to help people. They can also make people feel special and are great team players in a workplace.

Today's online facilitator not only needs teaching skills, but also technical skills, facilitation skills and managerial skills. Are you ready to take the step of becoming an online facilitator?

With online learning rapidly becoming the norm, rather than the exception, there are some particular skills the online facilitator needs. These include: 

Graduates in information technology can expect high levels of employability, healthy incomes and great potential career diversity, if a report released early July by the Australian Workplace Productivity Agency is anything to go by.

The report said that while the Information Technology workforce is projected to grow by more than 33,000 workers, or 7.1 per cent, by 2016-17, skills shortages are going to be a problem if more people, particularly women, don’t train in IT. The AWPA predicted that skills deficits will reach critical levels later in the decade, with businesses unable to get suitably experienced workers, if trends continue.

Animal care as a career has many possibilities for the animal enthusiast - from owning a small business in dog grooming or pet walking, to working in obedience training, animal shelters or becoming an animal foster carer.

Did you know you can also study to play a vital role in a zoo, wildlife rescue facility, national park or veterinary clinic; become a breeding specialist or train as a pet behaviourist? 

Are you worried about a son or daughter or uncertain about your own future? Where will you (or they) find work when they leave school? The Federal Government has indicated that there will be very few handouts for young people in the years ahead.