Top 10 tips to successfully study online

Top 10 tips to successfully study online Featured
30 Sep

Top 10 tips to successfully study online Featured

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A wise person once said “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Take it from those in the know. Don’t launch blindly into the world of online education. Open your eyes with our top ten tips then click enrol like a master.

Top ten tips for successful online study:

  • 1. Be committed. Write down what inspired you to start the course and what you hope to achieve with it. Stay motivated throughout your study by regularly reminding yourself of this goal.
  • 2. Set yourself up. You have pledged your time to learn, so invest in a reliable computer and internet connection to do just that. There is nothing worse than slow page loading or technological glitches when you are burning for information.
  • 3. Get in control. Find your way around the Learning Management System or course portal. Become friends with it early. This is the go-to point for all your study materials, activities and assessments and you will need it often.
  • 4. Plan ahead. Set up an effective calendar and mark down what your course requires of you and when. Use it to make regular to-do lists and never get caught cramming at the last minute.
  • 5. Establish momentum. Create a study routine that fits in with your life away from distractions, then stick to it. A general rule of thumb is to work on your course at least five times a week.
  • 6. Use everything. Use all the material provided. Try not to skip even the smallest thing. Even if not a formal assessment, make a point of completing all the course activities as these provide additional learning and will support your exams.
  • 7. Connect and communicate. Use the online forum. Just as you would make friends in a school classroom, embrace online communication with both your teacher and fellow students to chat about your course, clear up problems and stay motivated.
  • 8. Take regular breaks. Mix some personal time into your study routine to clear your mind and replenish your energy. You are no good to anyone if you are tired and overwhelmed.
  • 9. Review and revise. Regularly go over what you have studied to help better understand and internalise it. This will give you great advantage at exam time as well as beyond in our world.
  • 10. Reward yourself. Present yourself a well-earned prize when you achieve each study goal. Perhaps a piece of cake for submitting an assignment on time. Use your reward to reflect on what you have learned and be proud of your achievement. You are doing this!
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