Work and Study Tips

A wise person once said “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. Take it from those in the know. Don’t launch blindly into the world of online education. Open your eyes with our top ten tips then click enrol like a master.

What is your learning style? Does the question conjure up an image of you at your desk flipping from Facebook and Twitter to your textbook, then back to Instagram to see how many people liked your recent post? After ten minutes scrolling through pictures dreaming about the life you could be living, you spend another five minutes trying to find that assignment check list which has disappeared under a plate of cold toast.  

The gap year. Next to where to spend schoolies week, taking a gap year can be a school-leaver’s most vexing decision. 

Picture this day in Darwin…

Morning bushwalk through the Brian Creek monsoon forest, amidst lush green foliage and unique, inquisitive wildlife.  Time to savour the shade with a picnic lunch before emerging into the surrounding savannah woodland. Round that off with a descent to the rocky coastline before watching the sun sink into the Timor Sea.

Pop song lyrics can teach you anything about everything in life. Love, heartbreak, cars, friends, how to fight for your right to party. Absolutely everything. 

If you’ve ever worked a night shift, been up all night with a newborn, or partied until sunrise you’ll know how sleep deprivation can render you a zombie. Come daylight, it can be a struggle to remember even the simplest things like where you parked your car, your mother’s birth date or your pin.

Life in the 21st century can sometimes feel like a daily skills pentathlon: so many tasks, so much information and so little time. Okay, so we’re not in a race for survival like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, but it sure feels like our brains are expected to perform a million and one things at superhuman standard.

Faced with so much to conquer… and remember… is it any wonder we sometimes experience brain freeze?

Running a business or a company is a constant juggling act. Sometimes managers are so focussed on day-to-day budgets and targets, it can be difficult to find time and resources to train and develop staff.

But research has shown that not training staff can be costly … leading to poor morale, high staff turnover and a reduced bottom line.