Hear from one of our students

Hear from one of our students
17 Nov

Hear from one of our students

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Loraine Korving successfully completed her Diploma of Library and Information Services in 2016 and here is what she has to say:

“Once I got past my initial hesitation to contact teachers, I found myself a routine and aimed at finishing one subject a month. I found it helpful to start another subject if I was waiting on a response from a teacher, but limited myself to working at 3 subjects at a time. It was important to keep on track and I used a subject list for the course to tick off my completed subjects. It was encouraging, particularly near the end of the course, to see how far I had come.

The teachers were wonderful and the IT people marvellous. They were able to connect to my computer to help with what I was doing.

The Diploma of Library and Information Services has educated me on so many aspects of library services, including areas that I may not have ever been aware of. It has given me the ability to provide better, more accurate service and boosted my confidence to find any information I may not already hold. In short, this education was essential to ensure my professionalism.

Studying online requires self-discipline, dedication, organisation and prioritising. Libraries is a very competitive field and also requires continual up-dating of your skills. If libraries are your passion, as they are mine, I say go for it. Libraries are always evolving which keeps things interesting and TAFEnow provides excellent guidance and resources for achieving your Diploma.  TAFEnow also gives you the tools for continuing lifelong learning in the information sector.

I am very proud to have completed my Diploma with TAFE Now and use my new skills every day.”

Head Teacher and expert for Library Information and Services, Sue Wills, also says:

“Students studying with TAFEnow have the benefit of a dedicated online team. We have a customer contact centre team to assist with student enrolments and course advice as well as offering support to students while enrolled.  Each teaching section has a team of teachers, course coordinators, education support officers and clerical staff.  All of these staff look after the students once enrolled. We are really focused and dedicated to our students’ online education.”

“We love hearing from them after they have completed their qualification to let us know that they’ve received jobs or just to say thankyou. Seeing students’ achieve is what it’s all about.”

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